Acoustical Porous Material Recipes (APMR)

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Slides of

Characterization and modeling challenges
of multiple dynamics materials
(a.k.a. metamaterials)

ICA 2019 conference in Aachen (Germany)

(including an explorable explanation of
the mass density and the bulk modulus)

The PDF file of the slides.

A brief introduction to dynamic phenomena in porous materials in relation with mass density and bulk modulus

Visco-inertial effects :

Thermal effects :

An explorable explanation about the dynamic mass density and dynamic bulk modulus

Real & imag parts of mass density frequency (Hz)                        
Real & imag parts of bulk modulus frequency (Hz)                        
• porosity : %
• resistivity : N.s.m-4,
• tortuosity : ,
• viscous charac. length : μm,
• thermal charac. length : μm,
• static th. permeability : × 10-10 m2

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